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Hard Surfaces

The designers at Forever Floors and Design work with you to create a space that expresses your unique taste and lifestyle. From flooring and cabinet recommendations, to window treatments and colors, our goal is to help you make your house a uniquely beautiful home. Our hard surface options include hardwood, tile, and vinyl. We offer a wide selection of styles and colors to suit your home’s personality.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Rich and inviting, hardwood makes a distinctive statement. Because of a great range of natural variations—from boards with extreme character, graining, and color variation to those that are evenly colored and consistent—lustrous hardwood can create a uniquely beautiful floor. Your kind of floor. Warm, stylish, and original. Beautiful and long-lasting, hardwood floors are an elegant choice for nearly any room in your home. When choosing hardwood, the color, character, and construction type are the important factors to consider. The color of hardwood floors ranges from quite light to intensely dark—and everything in between. While, as a rule, lighter floors work well in contemporary settings and darker floors work elegantly in more traditional rooms, choosing is essentially a matter of preference. Naturally present in hardwood, grain variations help determine a wood’s “personality.” Dramatic grain suggests a rustic feeling. Historically, moderate grain variations are associated with the traditional look. Hardwood with very little graining has a sleek, contemporary look. There are two basic choices in regards to construction: solid or engineered. Solid planks are created from single pieces of wood that come together to create a handsome floor that lasts for years. Engineered planks are made from several layers of wood (with a core of plywood or HDF) which enables them to withstand higher levels of humidity. This means they can go in some rooms that solid floors can’t. Note that there are many different styles of finishes, as well. —gloss or luster level, scraping degree and technique, wire-brushing, and more. Ask our sales staff to show you samples. Brands

  • Shaw
  • Anderson
  • Kahrs
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Johnson
  • Mercier
  • Somerset
  • Woodstar by Salesmaster
  • Mirage

Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring Floors of tile or stone say “welcome home.” They are elegant, on-trend, and some even have recycled content. Tile is not just for the kitchen or bath, either – our styles at Infinity Floors and Design Center in Riverhead captivate any room of the house. With a long history as one of the most durable flooring materials available, tile is also a great choice for rooms that see a lot of wear or moisture. It resists stains and scratches, and it is easy to clean. The result is a floor that’s not only beautiful, but practical as well. You should allow your stone, ceramic tile, and grout to dry for at least 72 hours after installation, before any type of maintenance occurs. Cleaning your new floor with a damp mop once a week is the best thing you can do to maintain your tile floor. It is very important that cleaning natural stone should be done with cleaners designed specifically for natural stone. These cleaners contain no acid and are of concentrated, neutral pH. Routine sealing is also recommended. Some stone products may require additional protection after cleaning for optimal appearance. Protect your tile by affixing felt or similar pads to the legs of any metal, iron, wood, or plastic furniture that could scratch and dull the surface. Other exterior metal furniture that rests on tile floors or patio areas may also rust and cause staining. Quality entry mats will help protect your tile flooring even more as they collect extra dirt, sand, grit, and other foreign substances that can be tracked onto your new floor. If you would like to set up a design consultation with us, contact Forever Floors and Design Center in Riverhead today! Brands

  • Sant'Agostino
  • Glazzio
  • Happy Floors Cerdomus
  • Sichenia
  • Tagina
  • Savoia
  • Campani

Laminate And Vinyl Flooring

Laminate And Vinyl Flooring Visuals such as appealing hardwood, marvelous slate, and eye-catching stone are the hallmark of today’s laminate and vinyl flooring options. Laminate and vinyl look like the real thing without the expensive price tag attached. Laminate flooring is especially great for busy families. It installs easily, wears incredibly well, and comes in breathtaking colors and styles. High-end and fashionable, laminate is a popular choice. Today’s laminate looks so realistic that you’ll find yourself asking, “Is it laminate … or is it hardwood?” It’s laminate, all right—the stylish result of continuing breakthroughs in modern technology and manufacturing methods. There are styles that convey the authentic look of wood or the classic appeal of ceramic tile. Various shades and finishes allow you to choose the wood look down to the species, and now laminates are mimicking hardwood even more. Some laminates offer beveled, distressed, and highly textured options, giving your laminate floor not only the look of hardwood, but the feel of it, too. Laminates are inherently “green,” because fewer natural resources are used during the manufacturing process. Because this material is so durable, it lasts a long time and some styles even offer 25-year warranties. Consider laminate flooring for a distinctive look that’s beautifully affordable … and affordably beautiful. Vinyl Flooring is a durable flooring alternative that is available in almost any color and pattern you can imagine, including options that mimic other materials such as stone or wood. Vinyl comes in a variety of textures and provides a durable, smart flooring alternative to just about any room in your home. Vinyl is a type of flexible, hard plastic which comes in both tiles and sheets, making it easy to clean and easy to work with if there are variations in the floor beneath (such as a concrete floor in a basement). Vinyl Flooring requires very little maintenance and is easy on the wallet, as it is less expensive than most other flooring options. If you would like to set up a design consultation with us, contact Forever Floors and Design Center in Riverhead today! Brands

  • Tuscan Coast
  • Congoleum
  • Moduleo
  • Shaw

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